Let Your Career Take Off With Sacramento Events

At Sacramento Events, innovation isn’t only reserved for marketing. Our approach to professional development is what truly distinguishes us. We provide each associate with the tools and resources needed to gain a confident foothold in this industry. We want every team member to find limitless opportunities to grow. When they win, our firm and the brands we represent win, too.

Human Resources and Administration

The Human Resources department manages new and existing personnel, helps to fuel company wide expansions, and staffs new projects. This position works with all departments on a daily basis to oversee and make certain that projects are completed, guaranteeing employees and clients are happily satisfied with Sacramento Events.

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Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

This position is responsible for facilitating the growth and support of the client base, managing and developing strong senior managers, and handling all customer relations for specific clients and programs. Coordinators will immerse themselves with a brand to establish that an effective campaign is created and deployed among the target audience.

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Management Training Program

Qualified individuals in Account Management are given the opportunity to join our Management Training Program. We teach our Management Trainees to deliver results for clients and customers by outlining clear goals, planning territories and managing ongoing projects. The Training program also cross-trains in marketing, sales, and customer service, which allows individuals to gain perspectives from all business angles.

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Assistant Director

Responsibilities include the development of Account Managers and the company’s long-term growth. Assistant Director’s also train and mentor sales and marketing teams to successfully engage clients and consumers. The Assistant Director will also collaborate with other departments, such as Human Resources, to ensure the success of the company on a financial level.

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Account Manager

Account Managers maintain relationships with clients and consumers who are involved with Sacramento Events. In this position, Account Managers learn and develop strategies and skills for speaking in public, encouraging others through coaching, and leading new team members to success.

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Marketing and Sales Representative

Our representatives act as the face of our company. They also establish relationships with clients and consumers. The position teaches the implementation process of sales and marketing campaigns by making presentations to business owners. This position is entry-level and training is provided.

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Our Individualized Approach

We’ve taken a novel approach to professional development at Sacramento Events – one that gives motivated associates the chance to advance rapidly. You’ll begin by learning the ropes and polishing your skills surrounding our unique marketing methods. This isn’t your ordinary training video and manual fest, though. You’ll be rolling up your sleeves on day one to understand the process. This opportunity to immerse yourself in campaign development will net you better communication and presentation skills, as well as firmer knowledge about the business world. Before long, you’ll have mastered the techniques needed to drive brand growth.

Go Places With Sacramento Events

If you like to travel, you’ll love working for Sacramento Events. Our quarterly and annual travel destinations are outstanding. Picture yourself visiting a tropical paradise or exploring an exciting city. You’ll get to know your teammates outside the office as you enjoy the perks we’ve put in place to thank you for your efforts.

Learn More at Professional Conferences and Networking Events

Build your leadership skills and network with the industry’s top leaders and local business owners with Sacramento Events. Energized professional events and conferences offer you opportunities to expand your network while acquiring more industry knowledge. You’ll find yourself becoming more confident and better positioned for success at Sacramento Events.

The Sacramento Events Team Makes Work Joyful

We’re not bragging when we say that our team is our firm’s heart and soul. We put teamwork at the forefront in our culture. On one hand, we help individuals attain their personal goals. On the other hand, we ask everyone to work toward attaining shared objectives. This not only inspires productivity, but also contributes to our firm’s fun atmosphere. Simply stated, we enjoy working hard.

Are You the Sacramento Events Type?

If you’re craving a chance to unleash your creativity and grow as fast as you’d like, we have an opportunity for you. See if you possess the following traits:






The Part You’ll Play at Sacramento Events

The members of the Sacramento Events team epitomize the best qualities found in any team. They’re motivated, passionate, and unique. We each bring a diverse perspective to the table, which when combined with others generates energy and cohesion. Our adaptable people make our team great. We see around corners and maintain the agility to respond and optimize results every time.

If you’re ambitious, set high standards for yourself and others, and see yourself as a leader, it’s time for us to chat.

Grab Hold of the Opportunities at Sacramento Events

There are endless career opportunities at Sacramento Events. Your future in sales and marketing awaits you. We’ll provide all the resources and guidance you need.

Contact us and give your career the makeover required for a fresh outlook on success.

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