Constant Training Is the Key to Lasting Success

Constant Training Is the Key to Lasting Success

Here at Sacramento Events, we have made constant improvement a hallmark of our success strategy. No business can afford to maintain the status quo, and the same is true for individuals. Our leadership team invests in the success of each one of our associates, and the results speak for themselves.

Sacramento Events’ leaders organize workshops for their associates on a regular basis. Kristina, our company’s President, explained, “Workshops are held once a week. This month they are covering the qualities of great leaders, developing a founder’s mentality, and successful habits. We will also be discussing the battle between logic and emotion as a busy professional.”

Kristina and the rest of the Sacramento Events leadership team believe the benefits of these kinds of training efforts run the business gamut. The President remarked, “Outcomes from these workshops include better overall sales numbers, a stronger work atmosphere, and improved leadership skills for our people. A great leader builds more leaders. It’s not always about your own success, but how many people you can make successful around you.”

If you need to establish a stronger training program for your team, Kristina has some suggestions. She explained, “First, you must determine the skills your people need to take their work to the next level. Then you need to find the quickest and most cost-effective ways to sharpen those abilities. I suggest informal training during lunch breaks at least once a month. You can also use the weekly workshop methods we have applied here at Sacramento Events.”

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