A Guide for Productive Networking Events

A Guide for Productive Networking Events

Industry gatherings provide unmatched potential for adding helpful professional contacts. That’s why we add as many as possible to the Sacramento Events travel schedule. Here are a few of the simple strategies we use before, during, and after a networking event to gain maximum rewards.

In the weeks leading up to a big industry function, we set clear goals for what we want to achieve regarding our contact lists. We target specific people we know will be attending, looking them up on LinkedIn to get some useful background information. Once we arrive, we’re well equipped to start productive discussions.

During the event, we’re sure to ask open-ended questions to the people we’ve marked as potential contacts. We want to keep them talking about themselves, because it’s the best way to identify specific areas in which we can offer meaningful help.

We’ve made a habit of following up with our new Sacramento Events contacts within a day of our initial meetings. Right after every discussion, we jot down a few notes about the interactions on our phones or on the business cards we collect. This makes it easier to compose messages that jog our contacts’ memories. From there, fruitful connections take shape.

These simple techniques make our networking efforts reliably productive.