Simple Ways to Make Commutes Productive

Simple Ways to Make Commutes Productive

Making the most of every hour in the workday is something every successful person seeks to do. We’ve made our trips to and from the Sacramento Events office more productive by putting the following strategies to good use.

Audiobooks and podcasts have become mainstays of our commutes. There are so many good options for illuminating listening that our queues continue to grow longer. We often share recommendations with each other around the office, along with the insights we gain through listening.

We also use our commute time to plan out our workdays by refining to-do lists. Even if we have some tasks in mind before we leave the house, it’s nice to sharpen our plans as we make our way into work. Whether we use voice notes, a mobile notepad, or an old-fashioned notebook, we streamline our daily efficiency when we devote commutes to planning.

Meditation has become a favorite practice during our daily commutes. When we reflect on past accomplishments and future Sacramento Events projects, we often stumble upon great ideas we might not find otherwise. Going into the workday with a clear mind also helps us deal with urgent tasks right when we get to our desks.

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